Can you afford not to HAVE a digital FACE? Build your personal SEO!

Being active on LinkedIn is a great way of saying ‘look at me’ without saying ‘look at me!


I have a love and hate relationship with having a digital face for business. Let’s be honest, it is hard to be consistent online. I have had clients with a LinkedIn profile even Mark Zuckerberg would be jealous of. They look all professional and preppy; why would you NOT employ them?

All of a sudden, a generic search of their name brings up their Facebook and Instagram feeds what would make even Donald Trump weep; well almost!

And the Oscar goes to...

It got me thinking, at what point do we stop showing our true selves on social media and only showing how we want others to see us?

Should it be like actresses in a film? At what point does the character crossover with their true personality? Do we ever really know if they are acting?

When it comes to empowering my clients to form a digital FACE I always encourage them to be as authentic as they can be on every social media outlet… but with caution.

Sure, use LinkedIn as the business tool and professional digital face. If you are serious about getting that amazing job with your dream company in Silicon Valley; you may need to rethink how you are communicating online.

Real Face OR Fake Face?

Put yourselves in an employers position. As an employer you have found a fantastic person via searching online; they have all the experience and qualifications and you want to approach them.

You google search them and come across their Facebook page; little did you know they were a wild party animal who likes to dance semi naked on the bar at the weekend!

When it comes to your online digital face, unfortunately, your personal life and professional life do roll into one. What you do at the weekends no longer becomes your private life. When you put yourself out there in the digital ether - you are no longer private property.

The fine line between private and public with a digital face is very thin. Again, I liken it to famous people; they have chosen a career which comes with notoriety and recognition but how they choose to handle that is up to them.

Are you Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran? My point is; do you want the world to see you in all your glory (Justin step forward) or are you happy to sit back in the shadows and share what is only going to help you (Ed take a bow)?

Game Plan

If you want to succeed in your professional career I highly recommend you think about all of your social media channels and how you are being portrayed.


Do you want to work for Goldman Sachs one day? Maybe lay off the posts about heavy drinking nights or pictures of you replaying ‘Coyote Ugly’ at the local on the weekend.

However, if you aspire to work for Cirque De Soleil; maybe you want to be showing off your fixation on tightrope walking every Saturday night - Make sense?

Know your long-term career game plan and keep this in mind across all of your social media platforms. However much you want your digital face to have a best side; someone will always be able to catch a snapshot of the ugly side.

Equally; you want people to see the real you; fakeness is just as damaging. Just think about how real you want that you to be.

Mindful Media

Now, I am as guilty of posting and sharing content which I have and no doubt will be judged on by my clients. Don’t worry, I am not talking about anything crazy here, but the occasional post of me in sweaty in tight workout gear lifting heavy weights; can to some people be offensive.

But, I have found this awesome way of filtering down some of the content you could be posting. Mindful Media or MinMe.

Mindful is such a ‘buzzword’ at the moment; so why not apply it to all aspects of your life in some way; including social media.

Right before you are about to post anything at all on any social media channel. Stop. Think. Evaluate the long-term plan. Ask yourself; would you want your boss to see this? This is a simple question that will easily distinguish the suitability of what you are sharing. Keep the word MinMe in your mind.

Olivia Jaras