Co-worker or Co-conspiracy?

‘Sometimes I can’t figure out if I am in preschool or high school!

Oh wait…..I am at work’

Work or Play?


So, you are sat across from Nancy and you guys have been working together for three years…

You socialize together and you both have a dislike for Geoff and his bad breath. You would like to think Nancy has your back and you have hers. Let's just say you are colleagues and friends. You are official ‘Freagues’

A new management position has just been advertised and you want to apply. You know you would be great at the job and you are well qualified for the position. Nancy is always complaining about the company and how she wants to leave, so you ask her for help in preparing for your interview. Maybe you should point Nancy in this direction?

You apply for the position. You receive an interview. Nancy wishes you good luck. You don’t get the job. Nancy does. You were hoodwinked.

Freague turned enemy!

Recently I have had two clients come to me with the same story. Not only did their colleague help prepare for the interview, but they also kept quiet about the fact they had also applied for the position. Were they being underhand or smart?

When you are faced with this situation; there are three things you can do!

1. Accept it and move on.

When it comes to the workplace, people act differently. Ego, money, and power can all make the most rational person, seem crazy and act in what seems like a selfish and underhand way. You either accept what has happened or it will turn you sour. No one likes a sore loser.

2. What is your game plan?

If you know you want to work your way up the career ladder in your company; choose to not make too many friends or freagues. Keep colleagues as colleagues; one day you may well be their boss and one day they could be interviewing against you.

3. Keep emotions in check.

It is so easy to show anger and jealousy in this situation; however remaining professional will highlight you as an individual, in a good way. Save the tears and anger for home, just don’t take it out on the dog. If you have accepted what is and have a game plan in place your emotions will be much easier to control.

Short & Sweet



The workplace can be hard at the best of times, let alone when women are up against women. Remember, females in the workplace should be empowering each other to be the best we can be.

Only you can decide if you want to be a freague without boundaries or a colleague with boundaries?

Short & SweetOlivia Jaras