Five steps to REALIZING your potential

Potential is your unrealized reality.

I am sure you ever been told ‘Hey, you have the POTENTIAL to go far in your career?’

To this day I can remember receiving my 20th rejection email (out of 1231 rejections I’d be receiving), in which the hiring manager had at least added “Sorry you are not suitable for this position, but you have the potential to go far in the future”

I felt angry, annoyed and on that day made a pact that I would never use the word POTENTIAL without it being in a positive way.

After all, If you have the potential to achieve your dream, you already have the necessary abilities or qualities to become successful at whatever that dream is - right?

I am going to give you five quick and easy ways which helped me shake myself down after that rejection letter and view the word potential in an awesome and positive way in my career.

  1. Know what you want.

Sounds simple and in reality it is.

No matter where you are in your career, have an idea of where you are heading. What company do you really want to work for? What job title or salary do you want?

Make a list of your dreams and desires and next to each, write exactly what you already have in place to be able to achieve it.

For example;

You might want to work for a new software company who have just started hiring. You know you have the basic qualifications needed for the position.

You know you have the potential to go to night school and get the next level qualification you know they expect. You know your goal, you recognize your potential and you put in your achievable goal.

Essentially recognize - What is your current potential?

    2. Make a list of everything you are great, good and OK at doing.

Sorry to break it to you, but you cannot be great at everything. You know where your strengths lay, in your current position or even in your career. You know where you have potential.

Make a list of all the things you are great, good and OK at doing in your current position.

Remember potential is an unrealized reality in which you can achieve anything.

    3. Use the list for potential planning.

Use the list of your great, good and OK strengths and use that list as the basis of realizing your potential.

The good and OK are where you could have potential to grow, growth that will aid your career and give you the motivation to succeed. Breakdown each goal to achievable weekly or monthly goals.

For example;

If you have identified you are OK at public speaking, could benefit from improving at it, and want to start talking at seminars and events to obtain more experience and further your career in that sector, why not find a public speaking coach or a mentor who can help you realize that potential.

Why not take time each day to voice your list and your potential, as lets face it if you aren’t willing to state it, you’re probably not really sold on it!

    4. Believe in your potential.

The short answer to what is limiting our potential is that our own beliefs about ourselves and the world are the major limiting factor.

There’s an old saying that is true: argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.

Of course the world does impose certain physical limitations. You can’t defy the laws of Nature. But you can use human ingenuity to find a way. For example, humans aren’t equipped to fly unaided, so we invented flying machines.

    5. Be prepared to INVEST in your potential

Do you think aeroplanes were invented without investment? How serious are you about achieving your potential goals and investing in you?

Do you need to attend night school to get that additional qualification or invest in public speaking mentorship, then be prepared to do so.

Investing in YOU and realizing that potential could be a stepping stone to your dream career and the six figure salary you know you have the potential to achieve.

Now all you have to do IMAGINE your achieving your TRUE potential looks like and…..GO GET IT....

Olivia Jaras