How to answer 'Tell me about yourself' question

Once upon a time.

 So you have an interview, and you know this question is coming. 

Now the ‘tell me about yourself question’ might seem like a relatively harmless question, but most people miss the mark with the answer. This question is the perfect opportunity for you to position your career story as a solution to the hiring manager’s problem.  

 You are the solution!

You see, as humans we interpret the world through stories, primarily through stories that we tell ourselves or others tell us. We love a once upon a time and a happy ending….

Crafting a compelling story about yourself relative to your career journey up to this career crescendo is your opportunity for the hiring manager to realize that; 

  1. You can totally blend in with their culture

  2. You would be a complete asset on their team 

  3. If they don't act on hiring you quickly, they will be losing out on an incredible hire

 The Middle Chapter

Every good story has a back story, an onset-if you will. 

 In which the main character and hero (in this case you) has ambitions and desires and sets out to achieve them. Eventually they hit a roadblock of some sort, which leads them to have an epiphany on how they now MUST or CAN achieve their ambitions and desires.

They craft out a plan that they will pursue in spite of setbacks, and ultimately they achieve that success they so desired. 

 In your case these ambitions and desires are the strengths that you are ultimately going to be bringing to the position. 

 How story telling can help!

 Imagine yourself telling the story of you. Start with your Once upon a time and how you faced adversity and tough times in your career but you came through them and survived. Not only that but you came out of them a better person.

Tell them about any obstacles that you had to overcome in order to succeed and ultimately position yourself. This means you are now in a place where you have overcome all of those things you not only want to give back by sharing your strengths with the world, but you are ready to grow even more with this new adventure.

The Happy Ending.

You see the person you're interacting with will be evaluating your story in terms of is she an asset to my team or not. 

If you position yourself as someone who has taken obstacles and thrived through them, using specific skills that are relevant to your market, you suddenly make yourself a hot commodity and people will want you under team asap.

Use this question as a chance to tell your story in a way which you feel comfortable telling; this is your chance to grab your own Happy Ending.

Once upon a time……. what are you waiting for?

Olivia Jaras