Is workplace intuition a thing? Can you trust YOU?

“Your first instinct is usually right”


Ever had one of those moments where your intuition kicks in?

You don’t actually realize it at the time. I had this recently; I had to meet a client in a neutral location close to my office, but on that particular morning I took a different route; for no other reason than I just had a gut feeling to go a different way.

As I greeted my client she said ‘Thank goodness you are OK, I heard there was a huge accident on the freeway you came on?’ Now, you could call it fate, gut feeling or you could say my intuition kicked in and saved my a$$ that day!

It got me thinking how often we as women listen to and use our intuition in the workplace?

Don’t worry, we are not going all ‘yogic’ on you here! You do not need to drop down into ‘downward dog’ in the middle of the office to tune into that inner voice. Although feel free; who are we to judge?


The workplace is full of decisions and in the workplace, we seemingly make decisions based on rules and guidelines and rarely use the power of our intuition. Did you know we are estimated to make 23,000 decisions a day, with only 10% of those based on our intuition?


Let’s call our intuition our internal navigation system and if you are anything like me you find it hard enough to listen to the one on your dashboard, let alone the one hiding in your stomach!

In the Salary Coaching office, we have been brainstorming ways in which we could all listen to our intuition to help us make better-informed decisions in the workplace.

Interestingly, we also started to realize how our intuitions helped us make decisions that were right for us personally; either that matched our career ambitions or our workplace values.

When you tap into your inner voice; you could say you seem to listen harder.


We want to share a few ways of listening to your intuition that could benefit you in the workplace. Imagine combining your rational mind with your intuitive mind? You could just be onto a new superpower.

  • Mission

You will know deep down if the company you are working for matches your values and indeed what you expect from your career. Remind yourself of your companies mission statement or values and see if your inner voice is telling you it’s time to move on OR move up. Tune into you, then start singing the song of intuition.

  • Open for Business

Your intuition actually encourages you to be more open. You could say your intuition knows your truth and when you become aware of this you immediately become open to other ideas and opportunities. The black and white thinking of the workplace suddenly becomes a little greyer (or pink). Not only does this make you more rational it actually helps you break free from stuck thought patterns and perspective.

  • Instinct

We already covered ‘freagues’ last week. Your intuition always knows when a colleague has your best intentions at heart. Being in tune with yourself can open you up to others and help form more of a workplace professional bond. If your intuition is telling you, Nancy is not afraid to dig her heels into you when it comes to a ‘blame & shame’ workplace scenario; you should listen up.

  • Risk

When it comes to making business decisions, your intuition is a sure fire way of knowing when something doesn’t feel right. So many people follow the path of ‘what everyone else has done so it must be right’ only to find they have a niggling feeling the decision is wrong and won’t work. Sure risk should always be weighed up with your rational brain, but intuition should also be part of the final decision-making process.

Short & Sweet



Listen up and listen in to what your intuition is telling you. Next time you are in a workplace scenario where that rumbling feeling deep in your stomach won’t go away. Don’t assume it is time to head for the donuts, it could be the rumbling of your intuition.

Short & SweetOlivia Jaras