Job Offers! Is it really about SHOW me the MONEY?

So, you made it.


Your resume got you through the front door and all that stands between you and your dream job is the deal. The offer. The terms by which you will be working. The motivation to get your ass out of bed each day. Let’s face it, none of us work for FREE or for NO vacation time.

For some of my clients, this point of negotiation is where they fall. They have kept it together for this long but at the last hurdle, they stumble!

For example;

Recently a client of mine went for a job at an engineering company. Now, they typically employ men and this was the second time she had applied for a position. We worked hard on her outreach strategies, made a stellar resume and optimized her linkedIn profile, and it got her through the door.

With further coaching and working on her self-confidence, she gave an amazing first interview; followed by an even better second one.

Boom, she was in and all that stood between her and her perfect job was the offer.

Deal or No Deal?


The overwhelming urge to say YES to the first offer was high, my client could not risk losing the job. The word YES came out before she could even stop and think.

The company had taken advantage of the fact she was female and she knew the initial offer salary was low. I was under no illusions male colleagues in the same position were being paid more. We had carried out the research so we KNEW her worth.

However, emotions and lack of confidence got in the way and my client said YES. No negotiation. No pushing for what we knew she was worth.

Of course, I was gutted and even though I was thrilled she got the job, I also knew she could have done better. A bitter-sweet pill.

Often emotions step in and remove any chance of logical thinking. After all, you have just been offered your dream job, who cares about the offer!

It is not always about the money!

Money makes the world go round! A great quote, but it is not always the deal breaker when it comes to job offers and final negotiations.

When money negotiation is not an option; why not open up the playing field to see what else you can score!

For example; Why not negotiate a work from home day once a week, more vacation time or even ask for a coffee voucher at the local coffee shop! Think about what makes you tick, what is important in your life, what would improve your work-life balance?

Opening up nonmonetary negotiation shows your ability to adapt and that you know your worth. So - the company cannot afford to pay you more, think outside the box and consider what would make you both happy!

The worst that can happen is they say NO. In this case, start again; there is always room for compromise.

Get Tactical!

I am feeling super generous today! There are various tactics that simply work when negotiating. These are proven and work for millions of people every day and I use them in all of my coaching sessions with my clients.


1. Know your worth

I know, no news here if you’ve been following me, but I cannot stress this enough. Do your research, know what you should be paid and then think about your bottom line. Have the figure you will be prepared to accept in mind, base it on your market worth and what you need to live by. What you want can come into the negotiations later.

2. Don’t give wiggle room

Companies will often throw you under the bus and ask ‘Hey, what salary are you expecting?’. Do not be tempted to give them a range; often through fear of rejection people in this position will say ‘well, anything from $40,000 - $48,000 per annum) - Well you have just given them your minimum. Guess which they will offer? If you want $48,000 and know that is what you are worth - Ask for it.

3. Prove you are Awesome

This is your chance to prove your worth. Save praise from colleagues or clients. Keep a note of times where you exceeded expectations in your role or previous job roles. Actively keep achievement records; not only for your career prospects but also to remind yourself how awesome you are too.

4. Practice!

Now we negotiate for things every day, we just do not always recognize it.

The following is a great test. We are all pretty much unhappy with our phone contracts, let’s face it we all forget we can actually call up our providers and ask them to do better. So, why not call them and practice your negotiation skills on them?

The worst that can happen is they will say NO and the best case scenario you save yourself a few bucks each month.

Don’t have a phone contract? Try and get your four-year-old to eat vegetables or your partner to cook a meal once a week - Now that is negotiation!

Get Comfortable


Negotiation is still a word that makes people and typically women feel uncomfortable.

Negotiation is often looked at as confrontation; sure you are being upfront about what you want and that is a bad thing?

Preparation, practice and having a list of bargain chips in your purse are all key when preparing to negotiate.The sooner you accept negotiation as part of your career and everyday life, the quicker you will feel comfortable with it.

Negotiating is empowering, confidence boosting and can be the difference between earning more and having more vacation time OR going into work everyday resenting the fact you just did not ask!

Remember - NO deal is better than a BAD deal.

Olivia Jaras