Social Media: Dream Career? My top 8 tips on how to socially mediate your way to your next career

You could be a graduate looking for your first position or a seasoned career ladder climber, either way, you will both have the ability to find your next career using social media.


The great thing about social media is that it does not discriminate, judge you, you do not have to register your resume with 1000 online recruitment sites. You can sit in the comfort of your home and delve into social media - and not for stalking your ex-partner.

If you are smart about how you use social media, you can really narrow down your search to find the next position which makes you want to jump out of bed on a Monday morning - well at the least not keep pressing snooze on the alarm.

I recently wrote a blog post about how companies are using social media for their own recruitment efforts. Almost 4 out of 5 hiring managers have used or are going to use social media to advertise or actively search for candidates. That is a huge opportunity for you!

Your Social Media campaign!

You all know I am a sharing kind of lady by now, so I am going to tell/share/encourage you to use the below Top 7 ways to get yourself your dream job.

I do not have a magic wand and often you need to realign yourself and the way you are portrayed online to ensure you attract and appeal to the industry you want to work.

So beautiful people let’s do this and see how you can create your own social media campaign to seek or be sought!

1. BRAND you

As I alluded to, you will need to ensure your social media platforms are giving out the right BRAND for you. If you are a designer, are you posting your creations on Pinterest and Instagram? Is your Linkedin profile up to date? Do you need to cleanse your Facebook account of old images that may be inappropriate? I cannot stress enough how BRAND you are when it comes to starting your social media job hunt. As much as you are searching for the ideal company, you will also be searched too. Get clean.

2. Know where to look

If you want to work for a company in the fashion industry then look into where they are posting and what social media platform they are using. Companies will often advertise openings across these platforms and it is a way you can also start communicating or interacting with them too. A subtle share of your Pinterest fashion board or a cute outfit you have seen someone wearing. Whatever the industry there will be preferred communication methods for social media.

3. Set Goals

It is easy to get into overwhelm when it comes to searching on social media, there can be so much information and interactions. I like to set myself goals. For example; If you want to work for a really cool engineering company and you know they interact on Instagram or Linkedin, set yourself a goal to have three engaging conversations or interactions with them in the next week. It could be liking or sharing something they have shared.


If you are able to create a landing page highlighting you, your resume and a few up to date images can be a fantastic way of drawing in companies. Linking your web page across all of the social media platforms will make you look professional and serious about your next position. It does not have to be complicated and in most cases, a page can be set up for free and in just a few minutes. If not investing in someone to do this for you could pay dividends in attracting your dream job.

If you really want to stay one step ahead of the game and push yourself outside of your comfort zone why not use YouTube to record your resume?! This guy really nailed it back in the day: He didn't land the Google job, but got several offers from competing giants.

5. Connecting


Most people will just look to contact the hiring manager and in my experience, they are usually so overwhelmed, you will possibly end up at the bottom of the pile. I would stay away from the hiring manager until you have met. Why not spend time reconnecting with people you do know and letting them know your looking; send polite personalized messages to people you kind of know too. Connecting across all forms of social media is an easy way of advertising yourself - be mindful of what you are saying and keep the message consistent and professional. Don’t forget to send them a link to too.

6. Under the radar

You may be in a position where you do not want your current employer to know your searching. So a very simple tip is to be smart about how you are interacting with prospective companies; a simple share or like or comment is not going to cause you trouble. When it comes to Linkedin and preparing your profile you can simply turn off the ‘notify your network’ button on the right sidebar of the edit profile page.

7. Follow - Not stalk!


Why not start to follow people who work at your dream company. They will often tweet about job openings, helping you find them before other people do. Second, they’ll often help you stay abreast of company happenings, making you look on top of your game during interviews. Finally, thre’s a small chance that you’ll develop an actual connection by interacting with them on Twitter—potentially giving you an in at the company.

Social Brand

The most important aspect to all of this is YOU. So to recap!

  1. Clean up BRAND you and what you are portraying

  2. Make a list of your dream companies

  3. Contact dream companies - follow/like/comment

  4. Keep consistent

  5. HAVE FUN!

This is your chance to use social media in such a positive way when the world is complaining about watching another CAT youtube clip someone shared on Facebook, you may well be interacting with the CEO at your dream company!

Well, a girl has to aim high!

Olivia Jaras