The pivot effect? Five easy ways you can get that DREAM job (with little or no experience in the sector)

All right, so you've identified your dream job but you have little to no experience in that field or you are in a career you really want to change? Every inch in your being is telling you now is the time to change. I like to call this the pivot effect.

Over the years I have sat on the sidelines and watched the goalposts change. Companies looking for certain qualifications to then preferring employees with experience!

Personal Branding

I cover personal branding in my coaching sessions and online courses. I fundamentally believe it is 80% why you will get that dream job! 

Unless you are talking about a particular certificate or degree such as an engineering degree required for a particular engineering position, the problem isn't that you have little or no experience in that field, it's that you didn't sell yourself or haven't positioned your personal brand appropriately. 

Whether you are at the beginning of your career or pivoting from your former career, you have to position yourself in a way that the impression you generate upon them is that you and your experiences is a valuable asset to them. 

I am going to give you Five easy tactics which you can use to sell BRAND you and ultimately get the job you never thought possible.

  1. Influencing Behavior

It’s not necessarily about position descriptions, but rather about the deep-seed needs that are going unmet by virtue of that vacancy going unfulfilled. Your resume,  LinkedIn profile and even your interview need to exude a message. Say outloud to yourself and believe it. Fake it until you make it. And you will.

“I can be your right and your left hand when it comes down to helping you solve this problem”

Most people hire based on emotions. Almost every single decision we make in life is emotionally based. If you can strike that cord emotionally with the hiring manager, you instantly put yourself ahead of the game. 

       2. Focus on what you DO have

Sounds obvious - right? We are all too quick to read through a position description and point out all the ‘skills’ we do not have. How about focusing on all the ‘skills’ you do! 

Make a list of everything you already have you can bring to the position and make a point of bringing that up within your resume and your covering letter. Ultimately when you get to interview stage; you will feel confident in the skills you can offer!

       3. Volunteering 

Do some voluntary work, work experience or an internship. Do not be afraid and be prepared to start from scratch - you never know where opportunities may lead

But, make sure the experience and time you are investing is relevant. Don’t waste time on unrelated work experience or volunteering, especially if it is unpaid.

        4. Network

Many of the ladies I coach are initially afraid of networking and we work together to get over the fear. 

If you want to get into a particular sector or company, make sure the right people know about it. Look to get involved with industry discussions on Linkedin, join groups and why not attend events, essentially make sure you show your enthusiasm to the right people.

Ask contacts to recommend you, employers love it when people have been recommended and are more likely to ‘look over’ the gaps in your experience. 

      5. Think back!

Think back over the last positions you have held and see if you can link anything to fill in the gap in experience. Do you have the experience for the experience you need? 

It does not have to match completely; typically employers are looking for keywords in these scenarios. For example; If you have organised trade events and promoted them - that counts as marketing!

Decision Making

So….next time you find yourself fretting over your lack of experience, remember it's all about positioning and making that connection… it’s your responsibility to help them rationalize their decision to pick you. 

Olivia Jaras