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How a RESUME HEIST can get you THAT job.

“Your Linkedin should not be an online resume, but rather a recruiter and headhunter magnet!”


I was going through a resume heist with one of my clients last week and within 40 minutes we had turned her MEDIOCRE resume into an INCREDIBLY persuasive version of her on paper. She was blown away by how we polished and overhauled her entire resume. You should have seen just how confident she felt in applying for that dream job!

As we came to the end of her skype session, she asked me how many resumes I had seen over the years… and it was really had to sit and think about that number for a few minutes.

At this point, it’s pretty safe in saying I have seen over 50,000 resumes! And if I consider the average time I spend on each resume… I have spent roughly almost 240 days looking at people on paper!

While the thought of this is a little scary, I feel very proud and thankful for the experience and knowledge I have gained through countless hours of reading through people’s paper-persona. And as evidenced by where my clients have landed jobs, it’s safe to say I’ve mastered the art of crafting persuasive resumes.

So yeah, I’ll go ahead and admit it… my team and I are MASTERS at overhauling resumes and careers.

The right Fit

Like people, resumes come in all shapes and sizes and like people they are often judged in a very short amount of time. Most hiring managers will be able to whittle you out of the ‘call back’ pile within 7 seconds.

So dressing your resume with the precise content and layout to influence behavior is the best chance you have in making them read on…...for at least another 10 seconds.

A digital Reputation


Have you ever thought about your digital reputation? I have found that many job hunters are using Linkedin as a form of digital resume! Linkedin is awesome at sharing your work achievements and giving recruiters the basics of information they need to hunt you down.        I always tell my clients, Linkedin is a great tool for attracting head hunters but simply throwing your resume out into the digital belly of Linkedin is not the best way to get your dream job.

Pass me the trumpet

At we love to blow our own trumpet when it comes to resume heists.

After all, we are the ambassadors behind #becomelegendary and empowering women in the workforce to earn their worth.

How do we do this? We put ourselves in the shoes of the hiring manager who will be looking through your resume. We know you only have one shot, and we assume you only have 7 seconds to influence your way to the top of the pile.  We know exactly how your resume and the words you use should be put together so you nail that first impression. Think of it… would you go to an interview in your jammies and smart shirt on? No, well when it comes to your resume there is no point having a killer layout followed by poor wording.

Because I am a generous kinda girl, I am going to give you my top three tips on how to give your resume a quick makeover. It is not rocket science, but being that so many people fail to get it right first time, you would think it is.

  1. Pitch Yourself

Urgh don’t you just hate having to sell yourself and convince someone else how awesome you are? This is your chance to persuade and coerce the hiring manager to read on. Your pitch should always sit at the top of your resume and highlight your strengths and how they match the position, also what are you going to offer them, what need are you filling?

For example; One of my clients was looking to apply for an Executive Marketing Position and this was her pitch after we had worked together.

“A successful brand manager and seasoned digital marketeer who thrives on working for companies who are energetic and passionate about the product and service they offer. Ideas orientated, with experience in managing SEO campaigns and producing strong and relevant online branded content for luxury FMCG products. I am looking to apply strong branding acumen, natural SEO skills to my next position. I can offer over 10 years marketing and content experience within a diverse range of sectors”

    2. Match your skills with the job role

Sounds obvious but you would be surprised at the amount of clients who come to me and their resumes are no way compatible with the role they are applying for. That’s not to say they are not already doing the job, it’s just their wording has let them down. Look through your current role, what do you do that matches what they new company are looking for? Bullet point these matching skills clearly and list them at the top first. Again, put yourself in their shoes, take time to think about what need you are filling for them. Would you hire you based on your skills?

    3. Accomplishments


I learn a lot about people from their accomplishments. Under each of your job roles make a list of all your accomplishments in your current position. It could be anything from ‘nominated first aider’ to growing a customer account by 25% in the first 6 months. If you make number claims, be specific. This is your time to shine and let them know how effective you could be for them. It also shows you are ambitious and have confidence in noticing your own achievements.

Stick your hands up and show me your resume!

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Resumes really do have the power to get you passed the front door and a seat at the negotiation table.


Olivia Jaras