What Do You Do If You Hate Your Job

We all go through it at some point. It goes something along the lines of ‘I’m in a rut’ and cannot see a way out.

I hate my job. I’m underpaid and I’ve applied to everything that comes up, but I don’t even get to the first round of interviews. I obviously can’t just leave, I can’t afford to not have an income and I feel doomed.

These are some of the most common dilemmas I hear from women. They feel underpaid, underappreciated and unable to get ahead.

Well ladies, it is time to get UNSTUCK from your rut!

There are a few easy ways in which you can get unstuck!

Firstly, it will take some positive mental attitude. I want you to flip the situation over and take back control so you regain the freedom to choose your outcome and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Here are my top FIVE tips I give to the ladies I coach everyday!

  1. Remove all emotions from the situation you are in

Think of this situation as a long, drawn out game of chess.

Let’s face it, it probably took you years to get stuck in your rut, so get comfy as it will take a few months (at least) to turn this game around in your favor.

If you continue to emotionally invest as much as you have in a toxic environment, you will be overwhelmed and too emotionally drained to see this through completion. Energy goes where energy flows.

Please believe me it’s worth it, you know you’ve dreamed about the day when you are FREE to either decide to stay for more money, or leave for a better offer.

Why not take up yoga, meditation or anything that helps you tone down the anxiety generated by your current predicament without turning you into a completely disengaged employee.

Don’t give them a reason to let you go. In fact, up your game and make yourself indispensable. Remember this is about ‘check-mate’ on your terms.

2.  Make yourself indispensable in your current job

Take on the extra projects, spearhead new initiatives. Let your employer know you are loyal and trustworthy. Jump aboard and be the fundamental cog in the proverbial “machine.” Remember ‘play the game’

3. Deliberately plan your next steps

What do you do best? What do you want to do?

Now, common advice dictates that you should follow your passion and figure out a way to make your dream job happen. That’s true to a certain extent, but in the interest of time and removing you as soon as possible from your current situation, let’s stick to what is it that you do best and what you could get paid for doing.

4. Change the rules of the game

Why keep waiting for jobs to be posted? Now is the perfect time to polish your resume and reach out to companies all over the country expressing your interest in a role with them.

Make a list of your dream companies, try not to make your contact email too colloquial or too formal. Start building trust with this new potential employer and make sure to show genuine interest in each one of the companies.

We are building leverage for you to go back to your current employer. It doesn’t mean you have to leave, but you need to have opportunities to choose from if you want any say in the conversation.

Walking away from your current job needs to be perceived as a very real threat by your employer if you are to be taken seriously in your current predicament.

5. The waiting game

Now is the time to be patient and quietly wait for responses to your queries. Continue to be indispensable at work. Once you start receiving responses and offers, and you have the option of staying or leaving for greener pastures, THEN the negotiation game starts.

Remember, YOU play the game… don’t let the game PLAY YOU.

Olivia Jaras